Use the elastic shoelaces to make a style statement

Use the elastic shoelaces to make a style statement

Our human feet are strong, durable, and capable of carrying our weight throughout our life. However, they need protection whenever we venture into the open. They are as tender as they are strong. A good pair of shoes is thus essential. A good pair of shoes would need a great pair of shoelaces as well. In the olden days, the pump shoes were not in fashion. Hence, people were adept at tying laces. However, the younger generation of today finds it tough to tie shoelaces properly. Tying shoelaces is an art. You can feel the art disappearing slowly today. Maybe there are better alternatives available today in the form of Velcro. The fashion of the pump shoes also plays an important part in this. Under such circumstances, it has become imperative to invent innovative methods to keep the shoelaces in circulation. The best alternative available today is the Hickies, the elastic shoelaces for shoes.

The concept of the Hickies:

The Hickies come in a variety of options. Before going into the options, you should have an idea about the basic drawback of the conventional laces.

The conventional shoelaces are not elastic enough to stretch as you work your feet into different angles while running, exercising, or even walking. This could make the shoe feel uncomfortable and hence cause harm to the feet as well. There is a need to bring an element of elasticity and flexibility to the shoes.

Similarly, the conventional laces tend to unfasten and hence cause accidental tripping. This could become a source of embarrassment.

However, no one can deny the usefulness of the conventional shoelaces in enhancing the appearance of the shoes.

You need an alternative that should match the goodness of the conventional laces and take care of their drawbacks as well. The concept of the Hickies thus came into existence. It takes care of all the above-mentioned issues you would experience with the conventional laces.

We shall see the benefits of the Hickies as follows.

  • The Hickies lacing system is a unique one. Instead of finding a single piece of fabric running through all the eyelets, you have one unit for a pair of eyelets. They comprise of an Elastomer that can synchronize itself perfectly with your feet. They can make adjustments as you move your feet back and forth. This would naturally make the feet feel comfortable.
  • They are short, small strips of synthetic rubber having elasticity properties. You can stretch them as per your convenience before fastening them. As you have one strip for one pair of eyelets, they lend an air of elegance to the shoe in general.
  • You can have these elastic laces for shoes in different colors. You can choose a new one every day to match your mood and the occasion.
  • It is very easy to use as well. Insert the strip through the eyelets and fasten them. The job is over and you are ready to move on.
  • You can try out various combinations such as the straight fit or the diagonal fit.

This is truly an innovative lacing style statement for all ages.

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