Upgrade Your Look with a Bespoke Suit

Upgrade Your Look with a Bespoke Suit

How you dress says a lot about your outlook and the responses you expect from business clients and staff. This is why a tailored suit is a preferred piece of business or formal clothing for men. When you choose to customise your look, you are further expressing your individuality and fashion style. This type of expression causes a person to stand out in a crowd.

When you work with a tailor you want to make sure they fit a suit that meets your own personal preferences and expectations. After measurements are taken, the suit is designed. Using a unique pattern, the tailor ensures that the suit is just the right fit for his customer.

Meticulous Detailing

Whilst bespoke suits are normally machine sewn, they also feature meticulously hand-sewn elements. For example, customised suit manufacturers stitch the lapel to produce an elegant roll – one that enhances the finish of the jacket’s construction. Silk pick stitching is applied along the label’s edges and pockets, combining subtle details with an elegant pattern.

Checks and Pinstripes

The best suits, such as Carl Navè tailored suits, are made of worsted wood, sourced from the finest in English and Italian mills. Hand-selected, the cloth for such suits is made to meet the varying extremes of the Australian climate. Shark skin suits are also made of the highest quality. However, you cannot bypass the impression given by checks or pinstripes either. These types of patterns offer the wearer both flair and colour, frequently overlooked in today’s business wear.

Elevating the Style Quotient

If you want your suit to feature functional buttonholes, you can include them for a small fee. You want to add this notable detail as it elevates the style quotient for bespoke tailoring. When wearing a suit, leave the last button unfastened to expose, ever so slightly, your cufflink. This kind of functionality denotes elegance and style in men’s fine tailoring.

Stay on Top of Your Game in the Business World

When any man wears a suit he generally wants to feel suave, sophisticated, and smart. However, if your suit looks similar to other suits, it is hard to impress others with your style. A bespoke suit, on the other hand, creates a sense of fashion and individuality. By wearing a custom-tailored suit, you are better able to stay on top of your game.

Arrange a Consultation Today

Suits made to impress feature made-to-measure designs, completed in as little as four to six weeks. All you need to do is arrange a consultation. You and the tailor will discuss the best materials and styles to use for your particular sartorial needs and requirements.

Far-reaching Effects and Benefits

Customising a suit is an investment that has far-reaching effects and benefits. Again, how you dress says a lot about your business acumen and the respect you have for others and yourself. In order to stay competitive in the business world, you need to look like you are serious – that you care about success and progress. Only a tailored suit can make this kind of statement.

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