Take It to the Streets with Authentic UK Streetwear

Take It to the Streets with Authentic UK Streetwear

Creating a new look for yourself or updating an old one can be a challenge, to say the least. After all, a ‘look’ is more than simply a few clothes here or there. You need to match and coordinate each item perfectly, so as to create an image and idea greater than the sum of those parts. What’s more, as everyone from models to acting coaches will tell you, a ‘look’ is just as much about attitude as it is external appearance. Anyone can wear street clothes, but it takes a special kind of person to identify edgy new items and wear them well. Here, then, is a look everything from authenticity to T-shirt artistry when it comes to streetwear today.

Authentically Awesome

T-shirts, sweaters, old jeans, new vests—when it comes to cobbling together a ‘street’ look, there are tons of different clothing options to choose from. Above all, authenticity is the key here. Of course, when it comes to attitude, it’s always best to be yourself. It’s also easier to wear something well when it’s not at odds with your de facto personality. Remember, you’re going for authenticity here—people can spot posers a mile away, especially if they themselves are in touch with the style you’re trying out.

For that reason, when looking for different kinds of streetwear, you’re going to want to look for clothing options that look right on you. Sure, that oversized T-shirt may look like some classic streetwear, but if it’s baggy past the point of ridiculousness it’s not going to make you look street. One of the constants of the fashion world is to play to your strengths and emphasise your best features, and that holds true here as well.

A UK State of Mind

For all of that, however, it’s worth noting that so many of the most prevalent streetwear options in Great Britain originate from outside its borders, with imports from the US being especially popular. That said, remember that you’re going for authenticity in your look. To truly translate your attitude into an authentic expression of street-born identity, you’ll want to track down men’s streetwear clothing designed in the UK itself.

Not only are these items often less expensive, given that they don’t have to be imported, but they do what a foreign import never can—reflect the truth of UK street life via authentic UK streetwear. For example, hats and T-shirts that bear logos representing local sports teams and, thus, the cities they call home, can be a great way to represent that locality. Jerseys and team shirts can work well here too. One thing you don’t want to do is wear sports items regardless of the city—that is, you don’t want to be caught with Man U apparel in Liverpool, especially when you’re going for an edgy, urban look authentic to the area. If you choose to wear something representative of the arts scene or a musical genre, you’ll want to make sure it’s something you can credibly claim to know. If the name Snoop Dogg leaves you scratching your head, don’t wear a rap-inspired shirt. That said, you’ll also likely want to wear a shirt featuring the likeness of, or some affiliation to, local UK artists for that extra bit of credibility.

All this and more can help you pick out a street-inspired look that’s as stylish as it is authentic.

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