Seven Common Style Mistakes That Men Make

Seven Common Style Mistakes That Men Make

As men work hard to dress better, they learn some things about style. However, it is common for them to make mistakes along the way, especially if they don’t do their research beforehand.  And although it isn’t really too big to defy the rules of style, there are some that must be totally avoided.

Wearing Baggy Blazers or Jacket

When it comes to jackets and blazers, it is important to consider how they fit your shoulders. Even if you are wearing an Armani Exchange top, it won’t look good on you if it is too baggy. Although you can ask a tailor to fix things such as the length of the jacket and its sleeves, there is not much can be done there is a problem with shoulder fitting. The right shoulder fit must be based on the shoulder’s natural width.

Dressing Like a Walking Billboard

A lot of men prefer to wear long sleeve tops and T-shirts with big logos and graphic images on them. Although you may want other people to see your clothing’s brand, wearing something that is too distracting to the eyes will eliminate the possible attraction. It is often best to wear a timeless piece of men’s clothing that is logo-free.

Wearing Trousers that are Too Long

Very long trousers must be hemmed. It is never cool to see the excess dragging on the ground. It certainly looks sloppy.

Putting Too Much Thought into Matching

Men who may be amateur in terms of style are often seen matching their solid color tie and pocket square. Keep in mind that such accessories must complement your outfit instead of the focal point. If you want to avoid getting undue attention, do not match exactly.

Showing Too Much Chest

Showing too much chess can be excusable if you are attending a funky party. Otherwise, you must avoid undoing more than a couple of buttons on your casual shirt or dress.

Focusing on Dressing for Trends

While you want to look trendy, the best in you comes out if you choose to dress for your comfort and personality. To avoid feeling uncomfortable with your clothes or lacking confidence, ensure you choose your clothes based on your taste and preference.

Being Too Show Off with your Chosen Brand

Sure, you can afford designer pieces but you don’t have to go out of your way to let people know your chosen brand or tell them how much you paid for your clothes. You are probably wearing a Brooks Brothers dress shirt and people will appreciate how you look on it instead of what you spend on it. Stylish men don’t advertise what they have.

If you are looking to improve your grooming and style, look for more appropriate resources to get applicable advice and tips. And if you have made these mistakes before, try to correct them now so you can present yourself well and make great impressions.

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