Myths Busted: Why a Custom-Tailored Suit Is Beneficial

Myths Busted: Why a Custom-Tailored Suit Is Beneficial

When someone hears the words “tailored” or “custom” when it comes to an outfit, he or she immediately thinks of extra time and money and opts out for something slightly less fitted. Unfortunately, many miss out on the opportunity to look more professional and feel more confident in a suit that speaks volumes for how you carry yourself. This myth and more prevent the average man from feeling like a movie star and nabbing that tough client.

Myth 1: Custom Tailored is Inconvenient

In order to get the best fit for a suit, you may have to try on a dozen. At the end of the day, you may not even find something that fits your body exactly. In that time, you could have visited a professional custom-tailored suit creator and have utilised the same amount of time for something even better. Going the unconventional route creates better options. Without risk, there is no reward.

Myth 2: They’re Practically the Same Quality

One of the biggest myths in tailored fashion is that they’re the same quality as a generic size that’s off the rack. Generic suits that are a dime a dozen are usually made on an assembly line of sorts whereas custom tailored suits are created by hand. Tailors actually use extra types of fabric to help create bones or structure in your suit for a long-lasting effect.

Myth 3: Tailored Suits Are More Expensive

One of the most common misconceptions about tailored suits is that they cost more than the average off-the-rack suit. Because of this, suit warehouses take advantage of the modern man and give him a run for his money, jacking up the price. In reality, custom-tailored suits are less expensive and last longer when looking at the bigger picture.

Myth 4: More Established Companies Charge More

This one is a bit weirder, but nothing new in the world of weighing pros and cons. While it is completely untrue that it will cost more, choosing an older company will allow you access to an expert craftsman who will create a custom piece just for you. Hawes and Curtis have been tailoring men’s shirts since 1913 and have some of the best prices for fully custom suits in the world.

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Truth: Tailor Made Makes You Look Exquisite

If you want to make sure you nab the job or the client, investing in a well-tailored suit will give a great first impression. The right outfit boosts confidence and subconsciously makes others in the room flock to your happiness. It doesn’t hurt to feel great in what you wear, either. After all, who doesn’t want to look and feel like a movie star?

No matter what type of body you have or what height you come in at, a reputable tailor will be able to create a masterpiece specifically for your body. In fact, those who don’t fit into the average size get even more benefit from custom-tailored instead of off-the-rack than average-sized men do. Take the plunge and invest in a beneficial piece of your wardrobe today.

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