How To Dress Well As A CEO

How To Dress Well As A CEO

The pressure that company CEOs are under to produce results for shareholders and customers means that they must be at the top of their game all of the time. Looking good is incredibly important, as this will inspire respect in everyone who you come into contact with.

Read this simple guide on how to dress for success as a male or female CEO.

 Don’t Be Afraid To Splash Out On Suits

 Creating an image of professionalism is extremely important when you are the head of a company. Your salary as a CEO will allow you to buy luxury mens suits without having to break the bank. Wearing the finest suits will create a great impression during meetings with shareholders and will inspire respect in your subordinates.

 You will instantly feel more confident when you are suited and booted in your finery. This confidence will ultimately allow you to perform to your maximum capacity and to deal with any problems which arise during the working day.

 Having tailored suits will ensure that you are extremely comfortable as you are working. Off-the-peg suits can sometimes be uncomfortable to work in, especially if you have an unusual body shape or you are very short or tall.

Simplicity Is Key

 We’ve all seen films where company executives are walking around in checked shirts and suits with large pinstripes whilst they puff on a cigar. The Hollywood representation of CEOs and their fashion sense is amusing, but it is a bad idea to replicate this look whilst at work. Loud suits and dazzling shirts could give others the impression that you are unprofessional.  A simple white shirt with a black suit is much more tasteful attire and won’t cause any raised eyebrows in the office.

Wear Flats Instead Of Heels

 The no-nonsense female CEO striding around the office in her high heels whilst barking orders is a classic image. However, if you happen to be on your feet for most of the day, wearing heels could be damaging for your feet, legs and overall posture. Instead, it is a good idea to wear a smart pair of flat shoes when you are moving around your office or through the building. Flat shoes will put less of a strain on your lower body.

Team A Colourful Blouse With A Sensible Skirt

 A black knee-length skirt is an essential item in any female CEO’s wardrobe. This kind of skirt is incredibly versatile and can be paired with a suit jacket, or with a colourful blouse that will stand out against the simple black and white attire of your employees.

Wear A Blazer

 A blazer might seem like an odd choice for a CEO, but this can help create a dressed-down image when it is paired with a shirt and some jeans. This can be a good outfit to wear at a social function for staff members.

Follow this style guide in order to dress well as a CEO.

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