How to Choose Between Open or Closed Shoes

How to Choose Between Open or Closed Shoes

Open pumps or closed pumps that is the question. Do you know when it is acceptable and not acceptable to wear those open toed heels? Do you know what each type of shoe, open or closed, says about you? According to an article, open toed shoes say that you are fresh and fun while closed toed shoes say that you are polished and professional. In another article, it stated that there are certain occasions that you would want to strictly wear only closed toed shoes while there are other occasions that are complexly open to open toed shoes. Open toed heels are ideal for fun and playful occasions such as a party. You should avoid wearing open toed shoes in work environments or any other professional business setting. When it comes to formal occasions and professional events you should most certainly opt for closed toed shoes. Closed toed pumps give off the impressive that you are mature, serious and business likeminded. So, next time you have an interviewed lined up or a business meeting, choose to wear closed toed shoes over open toed shoes.

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