Framing the Future with Custom Picture Frames

Framing the Future with Custom Picture Frames

As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. There are few things people love more than the ability to capture a moment for all time and hang it on the wall, a memory made ever-present and preserved for our children, their children, and alltime. That may be a bit of a poetic way to put it, but there really is an understated poetry to the business of picture framing.  If paintings and pictures are a way to capture the moment, then surely how you frame a moment can contribute just as much to the sensation it brings to yourself and others. Psychologically, people frame events in their lives in different ways, and that ethos is carried over into the world of aesthetics when it comes to acquiring custom picture frames. Here’s a quick look at how to best frame those precious moments with customised frames.

The Art of Framing

Custom picture frames are a great gift for loved ones, in no small part because they’re a perfect expression of and means to preserve that love.

While it’s photos and paintings themselves that get all the buzz and press, there’s an art to creating great picture frames. One of the best things about frame aesthetics is that, when, done properly, they can be eye catching in their own right without overshadowing the real work of art at the centre of the frame. The best frames are a mixture of sturdiness and elegance, which is easier said than done.

On the one hand, you don’t want a frame that either looks flimsy—and thus cheap—or, worse, actually is cheap and all too breakable. Not only will a cracked frame look ugly, both in its own right and as a frame for your masterpiece, but if the crack is severe enough it could mean that whatever’s damaged the frame has cut through to the painting or portrait itself, which is of course the last thing that you want. On the other hand, you don’t want a frame that’s too bulky or otherwise unappealing.

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Customise the Moment

The best frames are those that complement what’s inside, which is best achieved via customisation.Look over your options. What kind of colour and texture should the frame be? How large do you need it to be? Would you prefer something that’s shiny—and thus will reflect light—or something ‘duller,’ not as in ‘boring’ but rather less refractive? While the former option can be showy and elegant when done properly, the latter can cut down on glare. And then there’s the matter of selecting patterns or a colour scheme which best reflect both your personality and the image or memory the frame is to contain. A fancy gold Versailles-style frame may not be in keeping with a silly fun picture taken last Christmas with friends, and a kitsch picture frame probably isn’t the optimal choice for displaying your replica van Gogh.

All this and more goes into determining the best custom frame options for you.

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