Festivals: 5 Quick Tips To Survive

Festivals: 5 Quick Tips To Survive

Attending any social event requires a certain level of forethought, yet festivals are particularly complex, with thousands of happy people converging on the venue, one needs to spend a little time preparing for such an occasion. While there is just about everything available, at a price, if you take certain necessary items along, you won’t have to dip into the beer fund to get comfortable.

Do follow the rules

Wherever there are large groups of people, there will be rules. If the rules state that no glasses are allowed in, forget the wine bottles, as they will be confiscated. Many festivals will not allow camp stoves, so it pays to check first. What you are actually allowed to bring in should be made clear in any promotional media, allowing you to come prepared.

Festival Survival Guide

Buy a cheap tent

Festivals are usually outside events and when it rains, things can get muddy, so take a cheap pop-up tent and you won’t be too upset if it gets ruined. Duct tape is an absolute must if you are taking a tent, as tears can happen easily and if it rains, you’ll be so happy you brought that roll of tape! A small flashlight is another item that comes in handy, so make sure you have at least one, with a supply of spare batteries too.

Wellies are a must-have item

Wellies are the only way to go, with an ideal slip on – slip off system that is perfect for tent living. With a wide range of styles available, Quality Wellies are well worth a visit, especially if you want to look the part.Oh, and don’t forget a pair of wellie socks, these go hand in hand with the footwear.

Dry foods and snacks

Of course, these will be available at any festival, but as so often happens in a captive market, they are very expensive. Bring your preference and make sure you add a few extras, you’ll be glad you did. We need to keep our energy levels up at these events, so some protein filled energy bars will fill that void.

Festival Survival Guide1

A special toilet bag

Apart from the obvious toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo, hand wipes and skin cream should be added, ideal for keeping clean in a festival environment. Sunscreen is another essential, and remember to apply and reapply. Loo roll is another essential addition, apart from the toilet environment, they are great for mopping up spills. This seems to be the one thing that is always unavailable, so always have at least one in your bag.

Stay hydrated

It might seem obvious, but so many people get so carried away by the atmosphere, they forget to drink enough water. Take a water bottle with a shoulder strap and a snap on cap, which you can refill as and when you need to.

Festivals are great fun and with a little careful preparation, the whole experience will be one to remember, for all the right reasons. If you are part of a group, have a small meeting a few days ahead and delegate who brings what.

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