Everything you Need to Know about Leather and Its Shoes – How to Get the Best one?

Everything you Need to Know about Leather and Its Shoes – How to Get the Best one?

Leather is a material which has always been popular among the masses. Leather is often used to make jackets, belts, wallets, and most particularly shoes. Leather shoes have been in use since decades and they always remain in fashion. The leather shoes are a perfect example of elegance and style.

However, since a past few years, issues of animal abuse have been raised, which demands the ban of leather. As a result, various brands have come up which carious kinds of products made from fake leather. The plagiarism is so high that one cannot differentiate between the real and the fake one.

Hence, it can land you up in trouble because you can pay more than required for something which is not even real. There are various categories in leather which determines its quality and longevity. It is essential that people should know some facts about leather so that they are able to choose the best quality of product for them. in this article, we will be discussing all about leather and judging its quality properly.

What are the various kinds of grain leather available in the market?

There are different kinds of leather available in the market. For a better understanding, we need to look at some of the types –

  • The highest quality of leather is known to be the full grain aniline. Such leather pieces are dyed in dark colours and all the pores of this leather are closely packed.
  • The full grain pigmented in considered as the softest among the rest. A thick layer of colour is coated onto the leather which can hide all the tiny defects it may have.
  • The nubuck kind is closer to velvet in appearance this is because, its surface is buffed repeatedly to obtain that texture.

  • Suede resembles nubuck leather but its quality is considered as lower than that of the nubuck. The top layer of this leather is tampered to obtain the texture.

the white nubuck leather is the most common for making shoes.

Learn about some tips to judge the quality of real leather

Most people can get conned by the seller, when they plan to buy real leather shoes. In such situations, it is advisable to keep your eyes open so that you are able to detect the fakeness of the product. Most of the real suede shoes will feel soft to touch, whereas the fake ones will feel uneven and harsh. Log onto Buyleatheronline.com to purchase the best quality of leather products.

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