Choosing the Right Shoes for Date Night

Choosing the Right Shoes for Date Night

Do you have a hot date planned for this weekend? If so, you need to know your footwear rocks for all the right reasons. After all, looks matter!

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Most of us want to impress our date, so we put a lot of effort into looking attractive. Or at least we should if we want another date. We live in a very superficial world and first impressions count. You might not think that a date will notice your footwear, but if you wear the wrong shoes, it could make your date wonder if your style is out of sync with theirs. It would be nice to think that personality overruled looks, but this is rarely the case in the early stages of a romance. To avoid making a style faux pas, here are some tips on how to select the right footwear for a hot date.

First Date

First dates typically take place at a bar or café. Since you may not feel an attraction to the person, it’s best to keep it relatively casual. Most people go for a smart-casual look, perhaps skinny jeans or a pretty summer dress. The shoes you choose will reflect the rest of your outfit. A pair of cute sandals or wedges is a good choice, but if you are heading to a wine bar, it’s OK to wear heels. However, don’t wear anything too perpendicular or sparkly, as it might look OTT if it’s a sports bar. It is also wise to select a pair of shoes you can actually walk in, as your date might decide to whisk you off for a romantic moonlit stroll after a few drinks.

Restaurant and the Theatre

This is a great opportunity to dress up to the nines. You can wear your smartest, most decorative shoes with skyscraper heels and plenty of bling – and not look out of place! The only caveat here is that you should check which restaurant your date has booked first, as a pair of Louboutin’s will not be suitable for a date in Burger King.

A Romantic Walk

Walking dates are fun. For a stroll on the beach, slip your sandals off and feel the sand between your toes. In all other cases, a pair of comfortable Vans or designer trainers will be perfect.

Activity Dates

Activity dates are fun. If you are a fit and active pair, cycling, hiking, or even ice-skating are all excellent ideas for dates. In this instance, specialty footwear is the key to success, as hiking in a pair of heels is a recipe for disaster. Pull on a pair of walking boots or cycling shoes, or grab your Riedell figure skates for a trip to the ice rink. If you don’t have anything suitable for the date, wear a pair of sneakers or trainers, or hire some ice skates (if applicable).

If in doubt, go for comfort over glamor, just in case you end up running for a cab when your date goes horribly wrong.

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