Bring sexy back with new underwear

Bring sexy back with new underwear

It may seem odd, but you can tell the personality of a man based on his choice of underwear. Tighty whities shows a person who is happy with the status quo, boxers reveal someone who has no ambitions and sleek colourful briefs, hipsters or tangas are a sign of a man who isn’t afraid to make bold decisions and think outside of the box. That’s why so many men across the world are ditching traditional underwear for closer-fitting alternative styles.

Kiniki is driven to give men around the world a choice when it comes to their underwear. We believe that in addition to being comfortable, underwear should be stylish and something you are proud to wear. After all, you never know who might see it. Sure, that trusty pair of boxers has been with you for years, but a change in underwear can lead to a whole new world of possibilities.

Enjoy more confidence

Just like a new shirt or jacket gives most men a confidence boost, new underwear can provide that same feeling. This is especially true if you have worn the same style of underwear, or for some guys the same pair, during the past few years. Something colourful and bold such as low-cut briefs can make a man feel sexier the moment he puts them on.

Spice up your love life

Chances are your wife or girlfriend is sick and tired of seeing the same pair of baggy old boxers. Simply put, they are not going to get her in the mood. However, walk into the bedroom wearing a pair of new hipster briefs and she will be sure to notice. In fact, she might not be able to keep her hands off of you.

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Feel the excitement

It’s not for all men, but sometimes wearing something a little risqué like a men’s thong can make you feel like you are doing something bad. Of course, no laws are being broken but this added feeling of excitement can bring boring days to life.

Look better

Most men associate sleek, form-fitting underwear with their more sophisticated counterparts from France, Italy and Spain. A lot of guys from the UK and the US simply believe they do not have the body or mentality to wear sexier underwear. This could not be further from the truth, however. You don’t have to be in the Mr. Universe competition to wear sexy underwear. A lot of guys realise these styles actually help hide excess weight and draw eyes away from their waistline.

Everyone is doing it

Much like overalls and bucket hats, boxers are on the way out. Soon the only people wearing them will be associated with being old. Unless you want to deal with a bunch of banter from your friends as to why you are the only one still wearing boxers, an underwear upgrade might be a good idea.

Men’s underwear by Kiniki come in a wide range of styles and sizes so there is truly something for everyone. Ditch the boxers today and find a new pair of underwear that will look good on you.


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