Breaking Down the Cricket Shoe – What You Need to Know

Breaking Down the Cricket Shoe – What You Need to Know

In cricket there are three areas of play that you can be involved with, bowling, batting and fielding. All three areas require maximum grip on footwear, with developments in the grip and the addition of spikes now a reality for the majority of cricketers at any level of the game. Choosing the right cricket shoes is important to your comfort and your ability to play the game with confidence that they will stand you in good stead, whether you are facing a catch, looking to bat or keep up the speed as you run to bowl.

The design of the humble cricket shoe has developed over the years to suit different elements of the game, so you do now have specific cricket shoes for batting and shoes designed solely for use by bowlers. Bowling boots in particular have been designed to protect the bowler during a full bowling action, where the pressure on the toes and feet can mount up and cause damage with the wrong type of footwear. However, due to the addition of spikes and how they often feel heavy and restrictive to run in, cricket shoes mostly fall under the ‘all-rounder’ category as toe protection came to the forefront of manufacturers.

How to Maintain Your Cricket Shoes

When you have chosen the right type of cricket shoes for your specific needs and skillset you’ll want to look after the investment right? There are a few things that you can do, processes to put in place, which will help to maintain your cricket shoe and keep them effective and secure for a lengthy period of time. The last thing you want is to be wearing cricket shoes that are falling apart or compromise your safety just a month or so into the new cricket season.

Look After Your Laces – The first thing you can keep an eye on is how you untie your laces. Before taking your cricket shoes off after a session always make sure that you untie the laces and loosen them first. Forcing the shoe off without loosening the laces will leads to a reduction in heel support over time.

Clean Thoroughly and Immediately – As soon as you have left the field of play to get change remove all dirt and grass from the bottom of your shoes by banging them together or brushing away the dirt with a stiff bristle. Cleaning sports clothing effectively is important.

Clean the Correct Way – First thing’s first, never put your cricket shoes in the washing machine. You should, however, wash them in warm and not hot water in order to protect the integrity of the materials.

Don’t Leave Wet – As with any other clothing you’ve worn for cricket, if they are wet don’t leave your cricket shoes in your boot bag. You should ensure they are cleaned and left in a dry area, without being exposed to direct sunlight.

Putting together a maintenance plan for your cricket shoes is important to protect the materials and to allow you to play in comfort and with peace of mind.


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