A Proper Diet Plan fora Clen Stack

A Proper Diet Plan fora Clen Stack

While initiating a performance enhancing compound regime it is necessary to evaluate the entire lifestyle of the user to estimate the dosage intake with accuracy. Following a strict workout routine is not enough, as having a check on the daily diet plan is also essential for the proper effects of performance enhancers in the system. Those on similar compounds should eat lots of fruits and vegetables in addition to whole grains and lean protein to allow the body to derive energy from the food consumed. The richer the mineral content the higher will be the energy levels helping during a stringent workout routine.

Any kind of addictive substance that is likely to affect the body systems in a negative way should be avoided and will act as a barrier in generating the optimal output from the use of the Clen T3 Cytomel stack. It is also essential to stay well hydrated with normal drinking water and not with any kind of sporty health drinks. Getting adequate sleep will help to revive the energy levels and prepare the body for the next day’s routine. Cytomel is a thyroid drug for weight loss which if taken with a proper diet is capable of generating results which most people desire to obtain.

Knowing the stacking dosage

To determine the appropriate dosage intake while exercising a possible stacking option it is necessary to titrate the dosage level and observe its effects on the body and increase or decrease the intake accordingly. There are certain minor symptoms that will help to understand if the intake level is appropriate or needs to be altered. Some of the minor effects include shaking of the hands and legs, insomnia, nausea and the like. While for female users a dosage intake of 80mcg is considered to be sufficient, male users can go as high as 120mcg per day.

For those taking the Clen stack for performance enhancement should take the Clen about 30 minutes to 1hour before the workout routine, be it a weight, cardio or strength training. Due to the long half-life of the Clen it is not required to be spread throughout the entire day. While many consider the Clen to be a magic pill, in reality, it is not so. It only triggers the process of weight-loss if a proper workout and diet plan is followed.

Appropriate way to stack T3 with the Clen

Users following two weeks on and two weeks off cycle should incorporate T3 during the two weeks off period. Since Cytomel is a thyroid drug for weight loss the intake level should remain low in comparison to the intake level of the Clen.Since T3 increases chemical production in the body, the Clen only heats up the cells. Over dosage of the Clen can result in significant damage to the thyroid and kidney and cause the body system to go into shock. Therefore, it is recommended to seek medical assistance while following such a stacking combination.

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