15 Most Expensive Formal Shoes

15 Most Expensive Formal Shoes

Unlike women, men do not feel the need to buy shoes based on whims and fancies. The range and the styles for footwear for women are many when compared to men. Even then, men tend to spend a little more than usual when they wish to buy the right formal shoes to wear out to meetings and social gatherings. There are still some brands that are quite popular for their range of formal shoes for men. These brands are well known in the market and their designs and styles have been the talk of the town for quite a long time now. Time and again, these companies have been working hard to come out with the right shoes for men.


Ranges in formal shoes

Formal shoes for menrequire a certain level of class that can never be missed during the make. These are to be worn to professional occasions and office meetings and thus need to be really classy than casual. Here is a list of the top 15 expensive formal shoes in the men’s footwear range.

  • Louis Vuitton Shoes:

A brand that has been a favourite among women holds appeal to the wealthy men who wish to get the right formal shoe. Starting at $10,000, the Louis Vuitton shoes are well known for their waxed alligator leather that has been handcrafted to get the classy look.

  • Bostonian Shoes:

Crafted with lasting durability and class, the Bostonian Shoes are definitely worth the price theycome at.

  • House of Testoni Shoes:

Having stood the test of time, the House of Testoni shoes start at $30,000 and are known for their feather-light comfort. These shoes are made from goat skin leather and have a diamond and gold buckle for the loafers and the slip ons.

  • Aubercy Diamond studded shoes:

Diamonds are liked by men when they use it on their shoes. Starting at $30,000, the price for the shoe depends on the make and the finish.

  • Salvatore Ferragamo:

A popular brand among the celebrities and the elite class, these shoes are an example to the fact that even men prefer to have class and style for their shoes.

  • Stefano Bemer:

Collaborated with Gucci and handcrafted to perfection, these shoes have a price range that starts from $2000.

  • Edward Green:

The right look for an Englishman, these shoes, priced at $1200, is the right pair of shoes to get the look of a classy Brit.

  • Berluti Handmade shoes:

A leading luxury brand that is famous for its handmade shoes, Berluti has unique formal shoe styles and starts at $1800.

  • Johnston Murphy:

A top brand in the world of men’s formal shoes, Johnston Murphy shoes is long lasting and captivates the attention of the person at the first glance.

  • John Lobb:

John Lobb shoes fit the bill when it comes to shoes that ooze style and class at each look. Priced at $1200, these shoes show elegance and style with each step you take.

  • Martin Dingman:

The Martin Dingman shoes are worth the price of $1100 and have become the latest rage among men.

  • BerlutiRapieces Reprises:

Starting from $1830, these shoes in their brown leather finish are well known for their class and finish.

  • New and Lingwood Russian Calf:

The shoe’s price starts from $1550 and varies depending upon the make and the leather used.

  • TanioCrisci:

Oozing Italian class and style in every direction, these shoes are priced at $1200.

  • Barker Black Ostrich cap Toe:

These shoes seem to be the only one less in price and come in the range of $975.


These high end and expensive range of formal shoes for men do speak for themselves.  Adding grace and charm to your personality, these shoes will simply catch eyeballs once flaunt in public.

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