10 Things you Didn’t Know About Aftershave

10 Things you Didn’t Know About Aftershave

Aftershave has been a man’s best friend since time began, and it is an essential item in every guy’s bathroom. Only a man could know the feeling you get from a splash of cologne after a shave, that stinging, clean feeling as you gently rub it in to your clean shaven skin. While we might be familiar with after shave as a product, here are some little known facts about this tradition.

  1. Aftershave smells different on every person, as the human body has subtle odours and when they mingle with the scent, it creates something unique. If you are looking for a truly unique fragrance, click here for men’s aftershave with a difference.
  1. Women actually wear men’s aftershave, and it is estimated that up to 30% of all aftershave sold, is used by women. It is believed the reason for this is that some women like to smell a male based scent as it gives them a feeling of security.
  1. Aftershave is best stored in the fridge, which slows down the natural evaporation process, so if you want to get as much use as possible, keep your cologne next to the orange juice. Alcohol is a base substance for scent and it evaporates at room temperature, so over a period of a few months, you might lose an application or two.
  1. The ability to smell in humans is relatively weak compared to animals such as dogs or bears, but if you use the same fragrance over a period of time, your nasal sensors become accustomed to it, and you will lose the sense of smell regarding that scent.
  1. Creating a fragrance isn’t just about a nice smell, makers can add subliminal messages, which create a feeling of well-being in the wearer. It is all about creating a particular feeling for the user, and there is more to that than pure smell.
  1. Some of the additives might surprise you, for example, Play-Doh and apple pie are often used to make aftershave, and many exotic plants are highly sought after in the fragrance industry.
  1. A pheromone is a chemical substance released by an animal or insect, and by using chemicals, such as Ambroxan or ISO E Super, a similar reaction can be created with the aftershave.
  1. No doubt there are some pretty extreme scents out there, one being “Funeral Home”, which contains flavours of oriental carpets and mixed flowers.
  1. It isn’t just the fashion names like Gucci and Chanel that create scents, with Burger King launching their fiery fragrance called “flame” in the USA.
  1. The tingling sensation might be appreciated by most men, however, super heroes like Chuck Norris use acid as aftershave, as the sting is awesome!

Aftershave has dominated the male fashion scene for decades, and with new, provocative scents being released every season, the modern man really is spoilt for choice.


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