Because this amendment to the 2018 2022 TIP involves the deletion and addition to MPO funded projects under the STBG Urban Program, per MATPB policy it is a major amendment requiring a notice and comment period and a public hearing as is conducted for the annual update to the TIP. On Wednesday, July 11 or submitted at the public hearing. The MATPB anticipates taking action on the TIP amendment following the public hearing unless the board receives comments expressing concerns about the amendment prior to or at the hearing in which case action could be delayed.

But he stressed the wider concern that China and by implication other countries such as Russia were trying to peddle their own state controlled news operations abroad while attacking the free press within their borders. Mr Davie last night told : “Media freedom matters. The latest developments in China, including the banning of the World Service in Hong Kong, are deeply worrying developments.

Two Members of Parliament were yesterday charged with murder and sent on remand at Luzira Prisons. Ronald Reagan Okumu (Aswa), a deputy executive coordinator for the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), and Michael Nyeko Ocula (Kilak) were arrested as they walked from Parliament to the CID to make statements, on the Speaker’s advice. “We have been investigating this matter.

Scarlett even accused an airport administrator of trying to run him off the road in his car (a charge county officials dismiss as unfounded). Last year he complained to then police Chief Lou Cobarruviaz that two San Jose cops, who happen to be pilots, harassed Scarlett and threatened to arrest him for no clear reason. But according to a county investigator’s report, the Tedinator’s the one doing the intimidating.

The adaptive cruise control was another strong feature allowing me to easily holding my place in traffic, effortlessly dealing with both slower traffic ahead and cars cutting in to the front of me. Like any southern state, Texas has its share of small towns with speed limits that can drop dramatically with little or no warning. But staying safe and legal was a simple matter of slowing down, hitting a new cruise speed and watching Barney and Ang point their radar guns at someone else as you roll on past their stakeout point..

When summer hit, I said to Laura, one day, “What do you think about going in together to buy The Harvest Pantry?” And so, we started a conversation with Valerie and we figured it out. With part of the assets, we bought a mentorship from Valerie. She has generations of knowledge and the recipes, they’re tried true, people love them..