On Wednesday, Jan. 20, West Lafayette police responded to a shooting at an apartment complex. This case is being investigated as a homicide after the victim was found dead with an apparent gunshot wound. Jeannete Ng had an excellent article on ATLA and Korra, mainly focused on the westernization of Korra compared to ATLA but also discussing how ATLA is much more concerned with the commoners and how they affected by the conflicts than Korra. Avatar still is about a few important people overthrow a tyrannical empire, but it does show the impact in a lot of uneven episodes. Compare this to Star Wars, where you never really get an idea in any of the movies how bad the war is for the average person in the galaxy, just on the actual rebels..

Like I stated earlier, all glass or plastic lenses, regardless of brand, regardless of tint, are treated at the factory to offer full UV protection (except for polycarbonate, which does not need to be treated to add uv protection). The conclusion is that anyone can buy a cheap pair that is labeled as offering UV protection up to 400 nm, and if concerned take them to an optometrist and have them tested to be certain.It interesting that your brought up the point about dark tinting as I did not argue FOR the idea of using dark tinting, in fact most of Maui Jim have a lighter tint. This brings up the question, did you even read my statement?You need to read carefully what you wrote, and then read what I wrote.

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Non residential properties took the greatest hit with an overall assessed value decrease of 7.6 per cent from 2019. Of these buildings, hotel and motel owners saw their property values almost cut in half with a 42.2 per cent drop. City assessor Cate Watt said the pandemic has had detrimental impacts on the industry and that is illustrated in the steep decline of their property worth.