Realme claims that the watch S comes with 15 day battery life on a single charge and it’s true. I’ve been using the watch for over two weeks and the battery game on this is definitely strong. Despite continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, notifications, as well as longer workout sessions (on most days), the battery doesn’t drain too fast.

A total of 66,014 people attended, some paying $500 or much, much more for the chance to watch Barcelona’s 3 2 win from near nosebleed seats.Incidentally, ESPN’s coverage of El Clsico Miami was seen by an average audience of 1.7 million viewers, making it the most watched soccer match telecast on ESPN networks since last summer’s UEFA Euro 2016 in France.The New York Times reportedEl Clsico Miami did not reach television screens in Europe. Nor did it sell sponsorships or pricey insider access packages like the one being offered by “one hotel on South Beach that promised ‘amazing experiences at the hotel and also sideline seats at the game’ all yours, for just $750 a night (two night minimum, please).”Garber said Wednesday night he wanted to be precise about Beckham’s Miami franchise. “We’re at the finish line.

In a blow that shook China’s human rights and legal circles, mainland Chinese lawyers Lu Siwei and Ren Quanniu found themselves disbarred at the start of this year. Judicial officials turned up at their law firms with letters saying the two human rights lawyers’ practising licences were being revoked. Mainland lawyers of Hong Kong fugitives to appeal against disbarments The pair drew attention last year as the most outspoken among lawyers representing 12 Hong Kong fugitives who were arrested while trying to flee to Taiwan in August to avoid prosecution for involvement in the 2019 anti government protests.

A mental block is your brain reaching a barrier in accessing creativity, motivation, or productivity. Like any machine, things can short circuit or sometimes things are running a little slow. You might just need to reset. If you’re an Instagram junkie, you’ve probably heard of Instagram’s mobile messaging app Threads. It lets you share photos, videos, and messages with just your close friends. But, not anymore.

Somebody is about to find these texts, and this will all blow up in your face. YOU are half of these exchanges. Stop now. There are two ways to become better in this world. First is to educate yourself and excel. Second is to hold others back, allowing for you to rise up as the average drops.