The crow or the raven is a symbol of world weary wisdom in early Norse and Germanic texts. It is with this world weariness that the Liverpool manager from the mythic Black forest of Glatten, will approach tonight game. He aware of a specific toll that will take on the tired legs and minds of an already admittedly fatigued side.

I rolled over and fell back asleep and was suddenly transported downstairs to my kitchen and was lucid dreaming. It was still 4am and I was holding a baby, gently rocking and shushing it so it wouldn’t wake up the household. Suddenly there was a knock on the back door and two men dressed in 1950s style clothing wearing fedoras and pencil thin moustaches were standing at the doorway.

This was used to create surfaces that could direct the motion of sessile water droplets.Patterned surfaces with micro wrinkled surface structures were prepared by thermally evaporating thin Aluminium (50500nm thick) (Al) layers on to thick pre strained layers of a silicone elastomer and subsequently releasing the strain. This resulted in the formation of sinusoidal periodic surface wrinkles with characteristic wavelengths in the 3 45m range and amplitudes as large as 3.6m. The Al thickness dependence of the wrinkle wavelengths and amplitudes were determined for different values of the applied pre strain and compared to a selection of wrinkle formation theories.Samples with spatial gradients in wrinkle wavelength were also produced by applying mechanical strain gradients to the silicone elastomer layers prior to deposition of the Al capping layers.

Eight years before, in 2001, a US attack submarine surfaced below a Japanese fishing vessel near Honolulu, wrecking the ship and killing nine people. Attorneys appointed by President Trump to resign, according to a new report. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware, who is handling the investigation into the president’s son, will stay on in his role, according to Fox News.

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He gone on the field at Great American one time, wearing a No. 14 Rose jersey as he stomped on first base on Sept. 11, 2010, the 25th anniversary of his record setting hit No. Upon arrival, the officer reported observing that the back door had been pried open. The affidavit added that: cell phones, electronic tablets, and other equipment were stolen. To the affidavit, those items were valued at around $5,000.