1 week later the optional led strip that I purchased DOES work perfectly on the motherboard JRGB port. However the new corsair fan that supposed to work on the JRAINBOW port is doing the exact same as my previous fan; it works fine as a fan but has literally 0 color. Cursing myself for my luck I order ANOTHER seperate fan from deep cool, hoping that that brand might turn out to be my lucky charm.

Rep. William Jefferson, D La., and former Democratic New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Attorney, then Attorney General Loretta Lynch called him “that reliable middle child, the one you could always count on to be there for you.”. So no, we don need your logical explications, because we are not dumb or fully retarded. We (the affected ones) are stuck in a really bad place of which we can get out of and we know we will never ever have the chance of getting out. We will carry this burden till the day we die.

Among the different types of CNTs, singlewalled CNTs (SWCNTs) incorporated in the TiO2 NF photoelectrode PSCs show a significant enhancement (40%) in the power conversion efficiency (PCE) as compared to control cells. SWCNTs incorporated in TiO2 NFs provide a fast electron transfer within the photoelectrode, resulting in an increase in the shortcircuit current (J sc) value. On the basis of our theoretical calculations, the improved opencircuit voltage (V oc) of the cells can be attributed to a shift in energy level of the photoelectrodes after the introduction of SWCNTs.

What would you say would be 2020’s top bridal trends?Reynu Tandon: “I would say brides are opting for off beat looks, especially in their lehenga choices. The current year is seeing a shift in terms of fabrics and silhouettes, and they are very bold yet minimal, effortless and fun. Some of the biggest trends we are seeing this year are jacket lehengas and experimenting with colours.

Go as early as you can even if you buy nothing, the sights, smells, sounds and atmosphere are worth the visit, and you be amazed at what you might find. I came away with a handmade shirt for 10, Deirdre got a hat for 8 and Marnie got some jewellery for 2. Not to mention the ingredients for a delicious packed lunch for less than a fiver..

A shocking upset in a US House race in New York could leave establishment Democrats shaking in their boots. Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who is 28, ousted 10 term incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary, putting her in line to be the youngest woman ever elected to the House.