The growing protests are a sharp reminder of the long and bloody struggle for democracy in a country that the military ruled directly for more than five decades before loosening its grip in 2012. Suu Kyi government, which won a landslide election in 2015, was the first led by civilians in decades, though it faced a number of curbs to its power under a military drafted constitution. While riot police have been sent to watch the protests this past week, soldiers have been absent and there have been no reports of clashes..

Bob Rommel, R Naples, that would prevent local governments from regulating employment issues such as job responsibilities and hours of work. Holly Raschein, R Key Largo, and Sen. Ben Albritton, R Wauchula, aimed at prohibiting the controversial oil and gas drilling technique known as “fracking.” Environmentalists have raised concerns about the bills, which they say would leave open the possibility of a drilling technique that uses many of the same chemicals as fracking.

DRAFTER’S ANALYSIS: This ordinance creates a new requirement that individuals operating a tourist rooming house (TRH) obtain an annual TRH permit from the City. In the years since the City permitted tourist rooming houses the tourist rooming house agency has expanded and changed. With this expansion, staff has experienced challenges enforcing TRH regulations, including specifically the requirement that TRH operators obtain a public health license, pay room tax, and comply with applicable zoning regulations.

The City is holding a public open house on Jan. 30 to discuss the recently released draft of the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan PDF . The plan provides an exciting vision and a framework to guide the evolution of the Oscar Mayer site and surrounding area into a unique and vibrant northside destination.

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“If you’ve got that conviction then it’s harder to get a job, it’s harder to get a driver license it’s harder to rent an apartment, said Lisa Scroggins the CEO of Quality 360 Healthcare. Just sets up all these stumbling blocks for the rest of a person life. So if we can get people taken out of the criminal justice system and into recovery then we have the greatest opportunity to impact lives.”.