But it is so so hard. And I can’t get any help because, you know, covid. Can’t see family because. After the Finance Committee meeting, I then had to consider how much more residents of the 16th District stood to see in increased property and wheel taxes, if the Finance version of the budget passes, while at the same time seeing no appreciable increase in the level of public safety services namely ambulance service and additional police officers. Using the assumption that most households have two cars, I calculated that the owner of a home in the 16th district with one of the lower assessed values would see total tax increases of about $126 and the owner of one of the higher value homes would pay a total of about $219 more in combined taxes. I was compelled to vote against the wheel tax..

Connecticut wildlife experts, including Barry Chernoff, Professor of Biology and Earth and Environmental Sciences at Wesleyan University, and some lawmakers are worried that commercial hunting of snapping turtles in this state could be depleting this ancient creature’s population to dangerously low levels. A bill is now before the General Assembly to place new controls on the numbers of turtles that can be taken to satisfy market demands in China and other Asian nations. Chernoff is pictured in his office at Wesleyan.

ALRC meeting Wed Sept 21 will review applications for Fuegos Steak and Tapas 904 Williamson for a Class B Liquor and Beer license MNA Board voted to support and I support application based applicant Oscar Villareal’s description of 70 75% food, closing at 10p weeknights and 11p weekends. The capacity will be between 120 150 people and the lease will include use of the Plan B parking lot. No outdoor amplified music and the applicant will wait til spring to apply for outdoor seating and service.

A couple days later I phoned Ralph Helmick in Massachusetts. He’s the sculptor who crafted the SRV statue, which was installed in 1994. I left him a thorough voicemail and emailed him scans of Jack Pott!’s illustration and theory about the park design looking like a guitar.

Brady, left, are presented with the annual Citizens Volunteer Award by Westfield Mayor Richard K. Sullivan, center, during a short ceremony at City Hall. Laurence Brady died on Jan. If a single trend defines glasses today optical lenses or shades it has to be embellishment, particularly on the temple or arm of the glasses. We just picked up two pairs of inexpensive shades ($9.90) from H The cream color plastic frame bears silvery hinge accents and houndstooth temple cutouts. A black frame has gold tone butterfly hinges and temples..