Ovarian cancer is a disease which is fatal in the majority of cases. The evolution of surgery and chemotherapy over the past 30 years has resulted in improvements in overall and progression free survival. However, the rate of relapse in ovarian cancer is very high, suggesting that current treatment strategies are ineffective.

It’s Day Two of the Senate impeachment trial against Donald Trump, and Democratic impeachment managers are laying out their case against the former president. The main point of their opening argument: “The evidence will show you that [Trump] assembled, inflamed and incited his followers to descend upon the Capitol to ‘stop the steal,’ to block Vice President Pence and Congress from finalizing his opponent’s election victory over him,'” as Rep. Jamie Raskin put it.

When you’re doing a murder mystery via Zoom and your character has to wear a fascinator to cover her scar from a riding accident, but you don’t have a fascinator and you’re in self isolation so you fashion one out of a purple potato bag. Or requisition the kids’ superhero and animal masks for your own use. Or (finally!) sort through your tights drawer and snipeye holes into a section of a laddered pair for a fetching black opaque design.

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He had a consequential presidency. January 6 was a very bad day for America, and he get his share of blame in history.” Meanwhile Liz Cheney, the senior Republican congresswoman who was censured by her party for backing impeachment, defended her stance. “We are the party of Lincoln, we are not the party of QAnon or anti Semitism or Holocaust deniers or white supremacy or conspiracy theories.

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