While previous work has shown that adults are less generous when they have earned their endowment than when it is a windfall, children showed little difference in behaviour according to the source of their endowment, although there is evidence to suggest that children with older siblings are beginning to internalise the relevant norms (otherwise there was no effect of sibling status). Chapter 5 examines the effect of framing upon children’s altruistic behaviour by providing different information about the recipient (rather than no information as is standard in the DG). Children gave more to a recipient with positive characteristics than one with negative characteristics and were also influenced by the mere possession of information.

Realme Narzo 30 will be the successor to the Realme Narzo 20 series that launched in September last year. The company is asking for input from fans to decide what the retail box for the Realme Narzo 30 should look like. There are six options and fans can vote through the Google form here.

This ordinance amends Sec. 41.14 to do two things. First, it creates Sec. Oversized Round is also prominently featured. These are another retro look. Once worn primarily by accountants and other number crunchers, the Oversized Round is being embraced by fashionistas.

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First, it will make the invitations easier to ignore and delete because they will appear as emails, rather than push notifications. Second, if your email provider has built in spam detection tools, the spam filters may automatically recognize them as such and move them to spam for you. Alternatively, you could use the spam reporting feature to report the emailed invitations..