Engineering firm recommends Ware maintain current water sourceUpdated Feb 12, 2021; Posted Feb 12, 2021WARE An engineering firm contracted by the town is recommending that local officials not pursue connecting to Quabbin Reservoir, for the municipality’s water supply, because of high cost, the years it would take to do so, because a less expensive “viable” alternative is available.Since the town has its own uncontaminated wells in which it can access water, the consultant also said the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection could reject the idea to hook into the Quabbin.The engineering firm Tighe Bond recently completed the feasibility study on behalf of Ware Selectboard, who had inquired whether using Quabbin water made more sense than investing in needed repairs to the municipal supply system.The firm examined two potential connection options to the Quabbin Reservoir: one would cost an estimated $23 million; the other an estimated $29 million.Updating and repairing the town’s Barnes St. Water treatment plant would cost an estimated $13.2 million, Tighe Bond said in their 38 page report to the town.”Due to the estimated cost to construct improvements to join the MWRA CV system, and the multiple year timeline to obtain acceptance to the MWRA system, Tighe Bond recommends that the Town of Ware proceed with” the Barnes St. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local..

China duo called Tianwen 1, or “Quest for Heavenly Truth” will remain paired in orbit until May, when the rover separates to descend to the dusty, ruddy surface. If all goes well, it will be only the second country to land successfully on the red planet. Rover Perseverance, by contrast, will dive in straight away for a harrowing sky crane touchdown similar to the Curiosity rover’s grand Martian entrance in 2012.

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