Use MTG Dawnglare to skim your bulk. You be surprised how much cash you probably have sitting in the unsorted bulk. Like, occasionally astonishing amounts of bulk. But while about everyone, including the City Council, agreed that the council needs to go well beyond the resolution, none of the seven members supported defunding the police or pursuing the type of sweeping structural change that Santos Powell and others had called for. They were far more inclined to support limited reforms that restrict use of force, including the policies in the “8 Can’t Wait” campaign. These include a ban on chokeholds, a ban on shooting at moving vehicles and requirements that officers try to de escalate conflicts before using force and that they issue warnings before shooting..

Due to the volume of comments received, copies of those comments have not been provided to the Plan Commission with their printed materials for this meeting. However, all of the comments received have been attached to the legislative file (ID 58895). The Plan Commission is encouraged to review those comments and all of the other materials previously provided to the commission in advance of the meeting..

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The arrival of more than 1,000 National Guard troops in Los Angeles County to provide security freed up officers to more aggressively try to stop crimes. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said his department was able to thwart “a very significant operation to sack” a large outlet mall in the nearby City of Commerce. Dozens were arrested..

Most of the businesses, including funeral services providers, cremation urn sellers and florists, said the lockdown, which began at 8pm on Sunday, had not impacted their businesses much, though some closed an hour early after word spread of the looming operation. Louis Ho, a shareholder of a funeral services provider in the area, said they had arranged everything for Monday, including delivering necessary materials to funeral homes ahead of the lockdown. “We expected there would be lockdown operations nearby because of the confirmed cases here, and we planned for it in advance.