Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan also dissented.The policy applies to travellers from five countries with overwhelmingly Muslim populations Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. It also affects two non Muslim countries: blocking travellers from North Korea and some Venezuelan government officials and their families. A sixth majority Muslim country, Chad, was removed from the list in April after improving identity management and information sharing practices, Trump said in a proclamation.The administration had pointed to the Chad decision to show that the restrictions are premised only on national security concerns.The challengers, though, argued that the court could just ignore all that has happened, beginning with Trump campaign tweets to prevent the entry of Muslims into the United States.

The fallout landed close to home this week, with the arrest of a 61 year old Battle Ground man. According to an affidavit, he told investigators he up items that others had knocked over, and to leave after witnessing several people causing damage to Capitol property. Will be up to investigators and the courts to determine the veracity of those claims.

The most reliable research shows that taking fiber, including wheat bran, doesn’t prevent colon cancer or rectal cancer from reappearing in people who have already had them. Diabetes. Taking wheat bran doesn’t seem to consistently improve blood sugar control.

Attached and below is the official press release. Attached alongside the press release are two photos. The first one is a pile of loose cardboard our operator John Forst found on the curb. “As to Donald Trump, he is the most popular figure in the Republican Party. He had a consequential presidency. January 6 was a very bad day for America, and he get his share of blame in history.” Meanwhile Liz Cheney, the senior Republican congresswoman who was censured by her party for backing impeachment, defended her stance.

Some sunscreens are “mineral” (also called physical), others are known as “chemical,” Keaney says. Mineral sunscreens, made from zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are more effective “broad spectrum” products that block, reflect, and scatter UVB (which causes sunburns and skin cancer) and UVA (which leads to skin aging and, well, also cancer) radiation. Chemical sunscreens use a combo of 15 other FDA approved ingredients that absorb certain UV wavelengths, he adds.

Of the county new cases, 75 were in Santa Maria, 45 in Santa Barbara, 20 in the unincorporated areas of the Goleta Valley and Gaviota, and 19 in Lompoc. Sixteen each were from Orcutt and from the Montecito Summerland Carpinteria area. Goleta reported 15 new COVID 19 cases, while the unincorporated areas of the North County had 14, the Santa Ynez Valley reported nine, Isla Vista logged six, and the Lompoc federal prison complex tallied one.