Founders Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith abandoned their viral sensation on Wednesday just one week after creating the meme. Easy come, easy go in these fast paced techy times. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton works from a desk inside a C 17 military plane upon her departure from Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea, bound for Tripoli, Libya, Oct.18, 2011.

Another new niche brand worth taking a look at is Monc. This British just launched label takes sustainability and its sourcing very seriously it works with a Neapolitan factory which makes each pair one at a time and by hand. The quality is impeccable, frames are delivered in English handmade leather pouches, and come with an optical screwdriver key ring for tightening up when they get loose (genius).

Marking its 100th anniversary this year, Sansum Clinic is the oldest and largest nonprofit outpatient health care provider on the Central Coast. Dr. William David Sansum, one of the clinics founders, was a pioneering diabetes researcher and his legacy continues to inspire the organization today.

I gave our mutual friend a check for half the money I had received for the reporting. Since I did not know Aziz’s real name and was certain he did not have a bank account, I wrote the check out to the friend and asked him to pass the cash onto Aziz. “It will help him out in his legal battle,” he said and folded it into his breast pocket..

These tools infl uence the employees ‘ brand attitudes, namely brand identifi cation, brand commitment and brand loyalty. Ultimately, these attitudes also infl uence the manner in which employees deliver the service. Therefore, internal branding not only directly infl uences the extent to which employees perform their role in relation to the brand promise, but also infl uences the attitudes employees have towards the brand, which in turn affects employee performance..

In 2018 the City sent out a RFP for the development of the property which is included in the Wingra BUILD plan (Park Street/Fish Hatchery Road/Wingra Creek Triangle). Although this is in the Bay Creek neighborhood many many residents in Bram’s Addition, Burr Oaks, Capitol View, and Town of Madison will be impacted by the redevelopment. From an historical perspective South Madison has been home to a full grocery store since the 1950’s.

1:00 pm Lecture: From Garden to Vase with Native Flowers: Learn how native flora supports birds and butterflies in the garden and provides beautiful, fragrant flowers for the vase. Some of the best native plants to include in your landscape for cut flowers and foliage, as well as their benefits for wildlife, will be discussed. We will then enjoy a brief stroll in the outdoor gardens to see native flora..