“It’s long past time do something about this deadly and preventable epidemic of lead poisoning in the wild,” said Jeff Miller of the Center for Biological Diversity. “Over the past several decades we’ve wisely taken steps to get lead out of our gasoline, paint, water pipes and other sources that are dangerous to people. Now it’s time to get the lead out of hunting and fishing sports to save wildlife from needless poisoning.”.

The Backyard Solar Grant program is one of three solar programs MadiSUN offers. In addition to the Backyard Solar Grant program, MadiSUN offers Group Buy for Homes and Solar for Business. More info at the MadiSUN website.Dogs in Parks: Madison Parks Seeks Community InputI posted earlier this week concerning the City of Madison Parks Division and the Parks Long Range Planning Committee hosting a series of community engagement meetings and conducting a public survey as they revisit policies for dogs in parks.

Craig Ganssle, Founder and CEO of Basecamp Networks, has been a Google Glass developer for a year now. Ganssle he says he came up with the idea of IntelliScout as a way to make crop scouting hands free and always accessible to farmers; something he believes will be useful not just for the big conglomerates but also small and medium scale farms in the US. Testing the app began in March this year, and Ganssle and his team have been working on mapping different crops which are grown in different parts of the world..

The Wild fell in its second game of the week, 4 3, against the Stars at H E B Center at Cedar Park (2/21). F Sam Anas, Rau and Sokolov scored and Kahkonen made 20 saves. Iowa earned a 4 0 shutout victory at Texas (2/22) in its final game of the week.

It will then grow annually until hitting $15 in 2025. Meanwhile the tipped minimum wage of $2.50 will rise to $4.95 this year, and again increase until it matches the federal wage. The youth subminimum wage paid to people under 20 will also end up matching the regular minimum wage by 2027, and permits to pay subminimum wage will no longer be distributed.

Even if you love underwater world or the surface of deep sea, you can keep all these moods high with proper selection of beach wall murals. If your liking is towards the stunning marina beaches or the tropical beaches of Hawaii, you can still have them with your beach mural. There is a huge collection of paintings available at every wallpaper store.

Even without the 5% budget reduction, I was informed that MSB could not sustain COVID 19 social distancing requirements. Please know that my decision was not out of any disrespect for your comments this was a very painful decision process, closing MSB. COVID 19 pandemic and budgetary constraints were painful..