I can empathise with you as I am also a moderator of numerous large subreddits, and also find r/wallstreetbets to be a shithole of astronomical levels. I probably won’t set another foot in there other than to laugh at some memes. However, do you not see how what’s going on right now over there is important and relevant? Do you not see the engagement in that post and think to yourself “hm, that post is gaining some traction and people seem to be intrigued by what’s going on over there and the WSB mods are banning people for even posting about it.

I only have positive things to say about the company. My quibble is with the stock,” said Brian Wieser, Pivotal Research Group analyst, who was among the first to urge clients to retreat.He downgraded the stock to “sell” immediately after Twitter’s shares jumped on its opening day. At the time, he had a $30 target price on the stock and recommended selling after they breached the $45 level in their market debut.The risksTwitter said in 2010 that it aims one day to have 1 billion users.

After weeks of shortages, next week’s shipment and those in the weeks ahead are set to increase considerably.By counting the sixth dose what was set to be a shipment of approximately 335,000 doses is now being considered a shipment of around 400,000 shots. Similarly, the delivery coming in the last week of February will now include approximately 475,000 doses, rather than the 395,000 doses announced last week.”While there is a change in doses contained in each vial, the country’s overall allotment from the manufacturer remains the same,” Maj. Gen.

“Some defense attorneys have echoed those arguments, saying that those who participated in the attack were doing so at the behest of Trump.” “But for the president, they would not have walked down Pennsylvania Avenue,” Al Watkins, defending “QAnon shaman” Jacob Chansley, told the Post. “They believed the president was going with them. Kramer, chief of the Federal Public Defender Office for Washington, said he expects numerous attorneys for Capitol rioters to argue that Trump “told them to march up Pennsylvania Avenue, and he be leading them, and he the commander in chief of the military and the nation top law enforcement officer.” You can read more about what Trump and the Capitol insurrectionists said before and during the assault, and preview likely legal arguments, at The Washington Post.

Since entering office, Biden has opted for virtual events and television interviews to sell his plan, and initially his aides expressed caution about traveling beyond Washington due to the pandemic. But Biden returned home to Delaware last weekend, and White House press secretary Jen Psaki noted that the president flies on a private plane Air Force One which helps reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Biden has also received both doses of his vaccine, and consistently wears a mask..