Google Arts Culture released new AR offerings in its free app (for both iPhone and Android) Tuesday that allow users to visualize “ancient creatures” wherever you look through your smart phone. One such visitor is the Cambropachycope, a ten limbed, lobster like creature with one large eye made up of many other tiny eyes that scientists were able to visually reconstruct thanks to fossils. It looks like a cousin of the blast ended skrewt come to life, and it’s pretty delightful to envision certain furry housemates interacting with these cute old monsters..

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Let continue to set a positive example for the rest of Ontario. TransitThere will be limited access to the Downtown Transit Hub. The kiosk will remain open for the purchase of ride cards and passes, and indoor washrooms will be available, but onsite security will maintain pedestrian traffic flow and control entry into the terminal.

“On Wednesday, at Board of Public Works, there will be an informational meeting and public hearing about 5G technology. The City of Madison is developing guidelines that will allow cellular companies to locate Small Cell installations in a way that maximizes technological benefits, while attempting to preserve street level aesthetics. Wireless companies plan to install antennas and equipment on poles on public streets.

This has encouraged the watch manufacturers to introduce some special collections of watches that would create demand in the market. Titan uses advanced technology to make wrist watches with many features and functionalities. Titan is one of the leading manufacturer of watches in India with the joint venture of Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation.

In her essay in a fine catalog that accompanies the show, Padgett writes that some artists “might bristle at the very idea of attaching the word craft to their work” because of its connotation of fairs and the homely work of people like you and me. In an interview this week, she said the exhibition is a “starting point” in how to think anew about craft in all its forms. The exhibition’s focus is “on the idea that craft is about making things with skill, in a variety of media,” she said.

Today, most forecasters have degrees in meteorology or a related science. In fact, because weather forecasters are often the only reporters in the newsroom with science backgrounds, they are well positioned to report on global warming, if not explain all the complexities of climate science. “It’s not like there’s a Grand Canyon separating meteorologists and climatologists,” says Anthony Socci, a senior policy fellow at the American Meteorological Society in Boston.