The key informants were chosen using a judgmental sampling approach, and the data obtained were analysed using a thematic approach. The notion of country of origin is deemed important because the existing literature suggests that COO, has been considered as an effective branding device with which consumers associate when evaluating the quality of the product and when making purchasing decisions. However, no research has examined country of origin from an industry perspective, and the findings in the UK context are limited in the existing literature.

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Most Western newspapers of note (The New York Times, Le Monde, Time, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The London Times, etc.) have all been critical of the government’s record on farmer protests, Kashmir, free speech, the right to dissent, treatment of minorities, and so on. This is for all of India and its democracy.Captains Courageous, like Tendulkar, vs RihannaMukul Kesavan Thursday February 04, 2021The one downside to all this heroism is that the Test series starting tomorrow will be an anti climax. After routing Rihanna in single combat, what price Joe Root?Modi Government’s Paranoia On Full Display, Courtesy RihannaRamachandra Guha Thursday February 04, 2021The government’s response to a single six word tweet by a foreigner was disingenuous, dishonest, and absolutely over the top.India Can’t Afford To Binge On DebtMihir Sharma, Bloomberg Thursday February 04, 2021India’s economy has suffered more than most from the pandemic and so have its people.

Afterpay stock is up an incredible 600 per cent in just the last two years. If you put $1500 into it in October 2017, you have more than $10,000 now. It has made its founders rich and turned the world of shopping on its head. A third option, for kids who wanted music in their broken down cars, was tapes. Otherwise, people bought records. Listening to Grave Dancers Union on vinyl in 1993 did not denote status or coolness.