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Life is good, you make your wish and wait. Nothing happens. Time ticks on. Retail Therapy: T rrific10 Oct, 2007 04:00 PM5 minutes to readKEY POINTS:Sick of all those T shirts with silly slogans? You could buy a fabric pen and make your own. Or you could go to Toy Kong, a tiny boutique tucked away in what feels like a cupboard under the stairs, beneath the Kate Sylvester store.As well as importing cult toys and figurines the perfect birthday present for the person who has just about everything already it also stocks T shirts from San Francisco with graphics designed by the cartoon art making, toy designing co operative Super7. Super cool for $50 each.Living dolls As anyone who’s seen photos of Japanese youth in full subcultural costume knows, Japanese street fashion can seem whacky.

Other popular air purifying plants are the peace lily (pictured above), which is good at absorbing the xlylene in detergents, so is particularly useful in a kitchen or bathroom, and these small banana trees (called musas), which covers a wide spectre of VOCs. The musa needs special care, though, a lot of light, warmth and watering. Finally, I say an aloe vera should be a must have in all homes : not only does it purify the air, but you can put its sap on a cut or insect bite to sooth it, and even make aloe energy drinks (I mix it with mint, lime, water and brown sugar)..

Slowly we expanded the scope. Each BOM contains a system definition, components, subcomponents, interfaces, and some metadata. There pointers to different repositories, parameter databases, and scripts to configure runtime environments. I talked to more than a few people who think Magic Leap hindered progress in the AR industry by siphoning investor attention and discouraging other hardware startups from joining the fray in the face of a billions backed unknown. But in 2019, there are fewer available plays for the funding juggernaut. They spent years trying to distinguish themselves from the corporate mission of Microsoft and their HoloLens headset; now it seems they begun to see that the only hope of justifying their sitting valuation in the next few years is enlisting support from the big customers that MSFT is chasing, as opposed to single handedly birthing a consumer market..