Zwillinger is confident that Americans will eventually come to their senses and push for a sweeping transformation of the economy, but until that time comes, businesses don have to stay static. They can self regulate. The government charged businesses for every bit of carbon pollution out of a smokestack, businesses would innovate and bring their pollution levels down to zero, he says.

Google attributed the rise in tensions to increased sharing as employees work from home and the current political and social climate.”It’s uncomfortable to acknowledge that there has been content on our platforms that reinforce negative racial stereotypes, used harmful gendered phrases, or insulted Googlers based on their nationality,” Google wrote in an internal memo.Google’s internal meme generator and question proposing system for events emerged as two hot spots, with more flags in the first half of 2020 than all of 2019. “Harassment/Discrimination” was the most cited reason.Leaders of discussion groups now will have to actively moderate their groups and undergo training to guarantee conversations are “inclusive” and relevant to the group’s stated purpose. The move shows how companies are attempting to deal with divisive online conversations as staffers work from home through 2021.Internal conversations have also been the source of media scrutiny for big tech companies such as Facebook and Google.

“But Emma just has that presence. She’s a great comedian and also can be tremendously moving. She can play every single register.”. The changing place of women in society has made it more difficult to use gendered images and thus it is necessary to discuss whether mothering is an essentially female activity. After acknowledging the complexity of the gendered language and the reality that most women arrive at mothering through a specifically female bodily experience, the thesis goes on to state that the practice of mothering is not instinctual but learnt. It involves learning through a relationship with a particular child and what is learnt are human ways of being and doing which are not gender specific.As the child is a growing developing human being the relationship and activity needs to be adaptable and contingent, requiring concrete thinking.

The collection includes various forms of media, including photos, graphs, maps, and photos of various environmental areas mountains, rivers, trees, etc. There are newspaper filings and magazines, including MountainTrue’s magazine, “Accent.” There are signed petitions against clearcutting. There are various black and white and color slides and photos related to clearcutting, hikes, fundraisers, and MountainTrue meetings.