Un seul film possible le samedi. On a vu les autres. Par chance il fait un temps splendide. Simpson’s book “If I Did It.” Legal staffers at the publishing house, which Regan is suing, have had access to everything from documents to her children’s report cards, a source tells us. “They have her financial statements, her will, her divorce papers, photographs of her children, unopened Christmas gifts, even her clothing,” said the source. It is perhaps understandable that Regan, who brought $80 million a year in business to the Murdoch empire, would have so many private articles in her office.

This week on April Fool’s Day to be specific we began a week long blogfest comparing the three productions. On Tuesday, we independently created our own all star casts drawn from the three productions. On Wednesday, we revealed which of the three productions we thought was the best.

De Villa: What we know about is when it comes to COVID 19, this virus spreads from person to person. As long as there is somebody who actually has a COVID 19 infection, the minute they come into close contact with other people, they create that opportunity for the virus to spread from one person to the next. And given that we have the presence of variants of concern, which we know are particularly more transmissible than the forms of the virus that we had previously circulating, all it takes is that opportunity for close contact.

On Thursday, he was already at work on a new holiday catering menu in the hope that curbside pickup will help stem the losses.”I’m concerned for my staff,” he said. “As much as I’ve been preparing and planning for the chance of this happening again, I can’t afford to pay my staff to sit at home and wait this out.”Earlier in the pandemic, Qui Qui Musarra expanded outdoor dining and essentially consolidated her three North Street establishments Mangia Qui, Rubicon and Suba into one.”I suppose it’s what’s best for all,” she said. “It’s hurt the industry immeasurably but as long as we can keep going with takeout and delivery, there’s a little glimmer of hope there.”Like many hospitality veterans, she’s trying to put on a brave face.The upside for smaller restaurants, Musarra said, is that the statewide ban levels the playing field.”Since it’s a blanket maneuver across all the restaurants, it might improve dining in the sense that everyone has to do delivery and take out,” she said.

Some of us find that, when attending the annual pageant of Dickensian holiday inspiration that is A Christmas Carol, it enhances the fun to enter the theater identifying as strongly as possible with cranky old Ebenezer Scrooge, rather than to start right out with a heart brimming like Tiny Tim. This way, our expectations are almost always exceeded, and once the ghosts appear and Tim starts blessing everyone, and the sweet and gooey climax kicks into high cheery gear, we get to experience our hearts melting and our spirits rising right along with the Scroogester. Some have found that it helpful to start getting in the Ebenezer mood immediately after Halloween, and then practice our bah, humbugs on everybody at Thanksgiving dinner..