The proposed demolitions of the existing homes and commercial buildings on the site were reviewed by the Landmarks Commission at their May 4 meeting. In its advisory recommendation to Plan Commission, Landmarks found that “. The building(s) has historic value related to the vernacular context of Madison’s built environment, or as the work/product of an architect of note, but the building itself is not historically, architecturally or culturally significant.”.

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Meet the new operator and architect who are interested in community feedback. Saturday is the Mayor’s Neighborhood conference it’s an excellent opportunity to meet neighborhood activists from around the city and learn the issues they face and work they are doing.8. 44111 Public Hearing New License Fuegos Steak Tapas, LLC dba Fuegos Steak Tapas 904 Williamson Street Agent: Sandra Wegner Estimated Capacity: 120 Class B Combination Liquor Beer 30% alcohol, 70% food.

I applaud those Alders who serve their districts, AND work to keep a healthy balance between work and family. I came from the non profit world where service is always the driving force behind the work. I believe we, as Alders, entered into this public service arena because we believed in and valued the opportunity to contribute to improving the quality of life for all our citizens.