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Bloomberg said it was “deeply concerned” for her well being and had sought information on her case. It joined other international media groups in calling for her release. He denies espionage charges. And they can get the same kind of workout in the same class.

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I support this conditional use, The property is located in the manufacturing/light industrial area next to the new State Archive facility. There are no immediate neighbors that will be directly impacted. The applicant, John Mleziva, is requesting Monday?Friday, 4:00 pm 10:00 pm, and Saturday, noon 10:00 pm.

Less than two weeks ago, GM caught some people by surprise with its pledge to make the vast majority of the vehicles it produces electric by 2035. Amid growing calls for action on climate change, some argue it has the potential to be transformative. And for the North American energy sector, particularly oil and gasoline producers, understanding the implications of the electric vehicle (EV) push just became that much more urgent.

At Tuesday’s Council meeting, we will be appointing Michael Tierney for District 16 alder, he was selected last week to replace Alder Denise DeMarb who moved out of the district. On Wednesday, the second open house for the Milwaukee St Special Area Plan will be held, see below for a link to project info. Also see upcoming meetings at the end of the blog for details about a neighborhood meeting for the Winnebago Arts Cafe..

Public Health Madison Dane County will host a virtual town hall and Q on vaccines on Thursday, February 11, at 6:30pm. The event is free and everyone is encouraged to attend. The event will be held on Zoom and participants can register here to receive the Zoom link to attend.