Our level 3 party been exploring a town where everyone was dead, seemingly having locked themselves inside their houses and taken poison. Soon there was a World War Z style event where undead zombies started breaking through the courtyard wall to attack us. There were probably 40 in total.

For two months, beginning on March 1, users of the Fitchburg commuter rail line will need to use replacement bus service over a long stretch of the line, a switch that will add to travel times.The MBTA on Monday announced its plans, which will affect service from the Littleton/Rte. 495 station through stops in Acton, Concord, Lincoln, Waltham and Belmont, with bus service delivering passengers to Alewife Station on the Red Line.The T says the diversion is needed to install anti collision train technology, federally mandated work that the agency says will be completed over six months instead of a projected 12 month timeline if executed with a weekends only schedule.Regular rail service will operate between the line’s Wachusett Station terminus and the Littleton station, a span that includes stops in Fitchburg, North Leominster, Shirley and Ayer.The T said the bus service will be in place until Friday, May 2. An express shuttle will operate between Alewife, South Acton and Littleton stations.

What can I say, man. My thing didn even last for 2 months. I still feel used and betrayed. 21,999 Nokia 8.1 8 Rs. 21,999 Samsung Galaxy A50s 8 Rs. 22,999 Vivo V15 Pro 8 Rs. In chilling new video footage played during his trial for impeachment, Senators were shown just how dangerous, violent and committed those rioters were on Jan 6. There are desperate calls for backup. Panicked Senators run through the building looking for escape routes.

It was one of those prematurely warm and summery days when I decided to pull out my denim cutoffs. Any chance I get to wear my jean shorts, I’m in! My favorite fit for denim shorts is when they’re short but loose and baggy. Surprisingly mine are from Abercrombie and Fitch and you can probably find me in them at least three times a week, weather permitting..

Sometimes it’s like gold dust in a person’s hands. And I’m sensitive and compassionate. I cry at the simplest things. If we normally have a 2m distance from random strangers I wouldnt feel like we need masks. But for cities like Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong an average person will be in contact with a lot more people on a per minute basis than someone in like Detroit or Brisbane. We literally get breathed on the minute we’re outside the house..