The resolution to create a Municipal Golf Task Force was approved at the June 18th Common Council meeting. The task force will be comprised of one alderperson, one current or former member of the Board of Park Commissioners, one member of the Golf Subcommittee, and six residents to include representation of golfers, parks users, non golfers, potentially impacted neighbors, and youth residents. If you are interested in serving on this task force, please send me an email and I will forward on to the mayor for consideration.

The weather forecasts were originally broadcast from the basement of the Sparks Building on campus with one camera, a chalkboard, a stop watch and a desk. Hosler broadened the scope adding younger colleagues and some graduate students. Eventually the segment was named “Farm, Home and Garden” and included Joel Myers, the founder and president of AccuWeather Inc..

Despite the apparent popularity of Nahda, however, polls suggest that up to 44 percent of the electorate remains undecided. This is a possible reflection of the frustrations of Tunisians, particularly the youth who led the revolution, at the lack of improvement in their daily lives. Many people say they are disenchanted with political parties.

Such a plan would identify the range of extreme climate 2 related events likely to affect our region in the next 20 years. It would also identify the populations at risk from these events and develop strategies to assure that vulnerable populations are protected from the short and long range effects of climate unpredictability. The LaFollette Capstone project will be a first step toward creating such a plan.

RoE in this case isn close to cost of equity, which is artificially low for 87% of share capital raised. I afk now but I provide actual numbers soon. And there can be value accretion without changes in RoE FCF margin expansion, book value growth, a good acquisition, higher ROIC, float deployment etc..

Never was there much concern about a strong linebacking corps even when Lee got hurt. McClain was a huge pick up, I saw what he did to Tebow gators in the title game and Witten in preseason. Carr, Scandrick, and a healthy Mo gave me confidence and consistency at the safety position had it looking better than it had in awhile.

Next time you’re looking for someone to blame for the Pacific Northwest’s recent influx of transplants, I’d (jokingly) recommend pointing a finger at Fleet Foxes. After all, the band’s folksy hymnals partly inspired my migration north from California six years ago. Formed in Seattle in the mid ’00s, the five piece released its second EP, Sun Giant, and self titled LP in 2008.