Des images trs nettes de la surface lunaire, les astronomes en disposent. Ce qui rend celle ci exceptionnelle, c’est qu’elle a t prise depuis la surface de la Terre. Et il aura fallu deux annes de travail aux chercheurs du National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO, tats Unis) pour dvelopper la technologie qui a permis de produire cette image extraordinaire..

He pulled out a black and silver handgun, and pointed it at them. Abston also pulled out a handgun and activated the strobe function. Three employees were able to run out the back door. Are especially proud of our collaboration with Facebook, which projects an iconic brand like Ray Ban into an increasingly digital and social future, said Rocco Basilico, head of wearables at Luxottica. A brand that is loved and worn by millions of consumers around the globe with technology that has brought the world closer together, we can reset expectations around wearables. Reality Labs is a relatively new division for the company.

The extraordinary step against a treaty ally comes at a delicate time in relations between Washington and Ankara, which have been at odds for years over Turkey’s acquisition from Russia of the S 400 missile defense system, along with Turkish actions in Syria, the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and in the eastern Mediterranean. Law aimed at pushing back on Russia if the administration deemed there was significant cause, add another element of uncertainty to the relationship as Trump winds down his term. Ally.

Then I went and enlisted into the Artillery of all things. Only meant to stay in for one term to pay my student loans off, found out that I love blowing shit up.What you are describing is my daily struggle. One thing that you should keep in mind: these types aren in to the shit you are.

I want to take a poll of the sub’s thoughts on the potential Machado deal. I think the team cash has already built is a no doubt contender, and he doesn need anyone. That lets him make a lower offer and sit on it, telling them to beat it. Please make sure to include a caption for each photo. If there are people in it, please list them this way: In the front row, from left to right, are (and then list each person, separated by commas). In the back row, from left to right, are (list each person, separating with commas.)..

It alone booked a profit of 8 billion dollars. The fund has been helped by a buoyant global equities market, which has driven tech stocks higher. That saw its 82 investments valued at about 90 billion dollars, compared with a purchase price of just over 76 billion.