The power needed to run the vibration motor of your phone is far greater than the power needed for a ringtone. So if you’re trying to make your battery last longer it’s best to turn off the vibrate mode. If you’re trying to be discreet in a meeting or at work, then it’s worth just switching to silent..

Article Sidebar ShareShare this Story: : Canadians deserve a COVID election, because this crisis isn’t going away soon Copy LinkEmailFacebookTwitterRedditPinterestLinkedInTumblrArticle contentAs the polar vortex tightens its grip, the temperature isn’t the only thing dropping across the country. So is faith in the federal government’s management of the COVID 19 vaccine roll out. According tothe latest poll by Abacus Research, the number of Canadians who think the federal government has done a good to excellent job on ordering vaccines has declined by 15 per cent since early January.

When I tell other men about my bestie, they feel intimidated because he has a key to my apartment. We are not dating; we just have sex sometimes, and everyone that I try to be with knows about him. Must I give up on my bestie to be with the man I love even though Bestie and I promised each other that we will never break our bond for anyone? COMPLICATED IN TENNESSEE.

There was actually a stretch of no limit autobahn outside of Berlin, and while traveling at 130 mph plus over several sparsely trafficked miles in the flatlands, this new Beetle was vastly more stable than the outgoing New Beetle ever was. That’s not too surprising, as the new model sits half an inch lower, is 3.3 inches wider and stretches itself out 6.0 inches longer. The sport suspension and perhaps the rear spoiler helped keep things very stable and trustworthy, with little susceptibility to crosswinds.

We got the chance to test the shoe out on an NBA court and put it to work with one of Harden’s trainers, who put us through similar drills to what Harden does on the court, including a lot of quick cuts, stop start moves with fast reaction times, moving forward and backwards while dribbling, and changing directions with speed. Through it all, the shoe held up well, giving my ankle extra support from the high back heel, and solid comfort on the bottom of my feet. It felt durable, stable, and light, and I never came close to rolling an ankle.

A week before the ride takes off, organizers are aiming for a Guinness World Record attempt for the most participants in a 30 minute Swiss Ball exercise class on June 8 at the Canadore College gymnasium. In the same location.Volunteers and representatives from Cor Maximus, All State Insurance and Rebuilt Resources will be on hand.There is no charge to participate and those taking part do not have to bring a Swiss Ball. All will be provided.The exercise class is extremely low impact and anyone from eight to 80 can participate.The current world record is 454 held by the Greater Toronto YMCA.All funds raised from the attempt go toward raising awareness and research in the fight against prostate cancer in Nipissing.Article content “Prostate cancer is a needless killer for men,” says Ray Yelle, co chair of the Nipissing chapter.”The more the community is aware and educated about prostate cancer, the less chance there is to lose the men in our lives to this terrible disease.