Over a century ago the rushing water of the Schoharie Creek was harnessed to generate electricity at a hydroelectric plant in Wellsville, a hamlet on the Florida side of the Schoharie Creek near Mill Point on the opposite side of the waterway.The Wellsville hydroelectric facility was one of a series of Schoharie Creek and Hudson River generating stations built in the 1890s and early 1900s for Empire State Power Company.A 1905 advertisement in the Recorder said the company was canvassing Amsterdam residents to find out who wanted a dependable source of electricity for light, heat and motors.The local office was headed by electrical engineer, Clarence Wilson. Mars of Wellsville, who died eight years ago, took me on a tour of the Wellsville hydro power plant site in 2008.The Route 161 Bridge also was closed in 2011 during flooding from tropical storms Irene and Lee.Mars was a young child when his family moved to Mill Point in 1933.His father was from Holland, Mars said, and his mother was descended from the Mohawk Nation.Even though electricity had been generated nearby, Mill Point itself was not electrified until 1937.The Mars family left Mill Point for Hagaman for a few years but moved back.This time they lived farther south, near where Colonial settlers named Van Horne had built a substantial residence.Mars married Ruth Starke whose family lived on Route 161 in Wellsville. Heworked for Niagara Mohawk’s gas division in Amsterdam..

We stand firmly on the side of our student athletes, the lack of criminal accusations against our football program cannot be ignored. This matter will continue to not be pursued in the courts of law. Duke University, its administration and its athletic program make no assumptions concerning the innocence or guilt of our football players in a hypothetical case, but we have deemed it necessary that their season be cancelled for the sake of unity and healing.

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